Laser Eye Surgery In India

It is better to arrive an hour prior to your Laser Eye surgery at The Vission Eye Center. Your eye is gently cleaned with a cleansing pad. Drops are placed in your eyes to prepare you for surgery. Drops make your eye cornea numb which will help you being comfortable during Laser Eye Surgery procedure. The Vission Eye Center is your most comfortable destination for Laser Eye Surgery in India. When your eyes are completely numb, the Laser Eye Surgery procedure begins. An eye lid holder, called a speculum, is used to hold your eyelids from blinking.

An instrument called a microkratome is used to create a thin, circular layer of flap on the front of the cornea. You won’t realize any discomfort due to numbness of eyes. A slight pressure is felt though. You are instructed to look at a small light during your procedure.
During your consultation process, measurements are taken which in turn are placed in the Excimer programmed for calculations required during your Laser Eye Surgery procedure.

This flap is then replaced in its original position. It sticks right back down in the place without the need of sutures. The flap has extraordinary bonding properties.

Additional drops are placed in your eyes to provide continued comfort for a certain period post your Laser Eye Surgery in India.
Depending on the complication of correction required for your eyes, the Laser Eye Surgery time is involved between 5-7 minutes for each eye. The Laser Eye Surgery in India is a skilled procedure under the able hands of Dr. Himanshu Mehta at The Vission Eye Center. The creation of the flap and application of the laser is the crucial part which is skillfully handled and worked upon by Dr. Himanshu Mehta, a super specialty eye surgeon of Laser Eye Surgery in India.

Laser Eye Treatment Consultation Process

Doctor’s consultation and examination is a prerequisite to determine suitability of Lasik procedure or Laser Eye Treatment for your eyes. Your expectations from the Laser Eye Treatment are discussed by Dr. Himanshu Mehta at The Vission Eye Center. Dr. Mehta and his team help you understand what you would achieve from the Laser Eye Treatment. How your dependency on glasses and contact lenses is eliminated through this Laser Eye Treatment is told to you only after a careful review of your health and eye history.

Laser eye treatment and Laser treatment refraction is performed to measure your nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Eye drops are used to get the exact measurements & determine the best suitable prescription for your Laser Eye Treatment.

The blueprint of your eye is generated through a corneal topographer. Your corneal thickness, called pachymetry is determined to know whether your anatomy of cornea is suited for Lasik or perhaps for another Laser Eye Treatment. The health of the retina & the inner structure of your eyes are the final tests done to freeze upon the surgery decision.

The consultation process is the best way to understand the process, it’s benefits, risks involved from Dr. Himanshu Mehta and his team.

Consult with Doctor