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Your diabetes can damage your eyesight, did you know?

You’re probably suffering from diabetes and you thought that’s the worst that could happen. Let me tell you, if you don’t care for your eyes especially as a diabetic, things could get worse. More than 62 million Indians are diagnosed with diabetes which is more than 7.1% of the adult population of the country. Truth be told, more than 1 million Indians die of diabetes every year. These are individuals who have only been diagnosed, how about them who remain in the dark? or them who are pre-diabetic.

As India’s population and economy continue to grow and develop, people’s lifestyles and higher incomes have resulted in the rise of living standards. So, also, diabetes as a condition has become a common phenomenon. It is the body’s inability to regulate insulin levels leading to tissue damage and organ failure. Your eyes are most prone to the disease which doubles the risk of visual impairment. All types of eye diseases are possible under the umbrella of diabetic eye disease. Some of the most common conditions that you should be vary of are glaucoma and retinopathy.

  • Glaucoma:- Open-angle glaucoma and diabetes share a long history according to researchers. The fact is people diagnosed with diabetes are twice more prone to develop glaucoma as compared to non-diabetics. This condition builds pressure in the eye which damages the optic nerve resulting in permanent blindness. The symptoms include redness in the eye, halo effect, tunnel vision or sudden loss of vision.

  • Retinopathy:-
    Even non-diabetics can suffer from glaucoma and cataracts; however, diabetic retinopathy is a condition specific to diabetics. According to research, diabetes is one of the main causes for retinopathy. The elevated levels in blood sugar damage the blood vessels in the eye. The longer one suffers with diabetes, the more danger it poses to one’s eyesight.

    The symptoms that one should look out for:- blurred vision, impaired color vision, spots or empty areas in vision.

    There are two types of retinopathy – Early Diabetic Retinopathy and Advanced Diabetic Retinopathy. Poor control of blood pressure, high cholesterol, pregnancy and duration of diabetes could worsen your case with diabetes.
    It is very important for diabetic patients to get their eyes examined regularly to keep a tab on their eyesight and take precautions before it deteriorates. Your check may show healthy sight but it still requires you to maintain your blood sugar levels to keep diabetes in control.