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5 causes of your eye pain!

Everyone has faced discomfort in their eye at some point of time in their life. Most of the times, we tend to mistake this for a severe headache and pop a pill every time the pain strikes. But, have you wondered this pressure you feel right behind your eye can say more than you know. People experience pain in their eyes in various forms such as a burning sensation, stinging feel, etc.

In certain cases, an eye injury could trigger the pain and people often underestimate the underlying causes of this pain. Until a time when the pain indicates a case of macular degeneration, detached eye disease or cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, etc.

The reasons or aspects that could trigger eye pain are:-

Foreign particles that are possibly lying on the surface of the cornea are one of the reasons for eye pain. These particles of any shape and size could cause a hindrance in one’s vision. Depending on the particles of dirt or dust, it sometimes goes away and sometimes it causes mild or severe ache. These bodies need to be rinsed away by a lubricant or naturally by our tears. These objects could cause an eye infection if left unattended to.

If any member of the individual’s family history has suffered from glaucoma then, there is a possibility for the individual to suffer from it too.

A scratch on the cornea of the eye is a condition called corneal abrasion. These scratches are a result of the foreign particles that get caught in the eye. These particles if left unattended can scratch the cornea thus causing a deep abrasion and easily puts one at risk of a corneal infection.

A corneal infection is also seen as the inflammation of the eye which is visible in swollen eyelids, discharge from the eyes, itching or burning sensation. The causes of this could be leaving contact lens on for longer than advised and wearing it while sleeping, etc.

Dry eye is an extremely common phenomena resulting from environmental conditions to eye strain. In such cases, burning or itching of the eyes is common symptoms.

Many are the reasons behind eye pain and one should consult a doctor to prevent the escalation of the problem. In certain cases, immediate medicines might provide temporary relief but the root cause must be discovered to prevent eye pain or loss of sight in the future.